Monday, September 19, 2016

Coming soon with project GHOST

Fully automated, 24/7 robot trading
new code
new setup
new entry system

This new EA is taking advantage from both Long and Short direction at the same time or Hedging. I knew that US Trader won't be allow to do that.

So when having both buy and sell orders, it dampen the profit and loss.
I put the 'selective' martingale strategy so the average cost would follow the price where ever they go, and when entrancement happen, it correct the overall positions in the account and hit the take profit level.

Constantly do this, we make a ATM wheel.

Yes, this is good name. I should name it ATM wheel.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Breakout signal is one of the most common method in forex technical trading. Breakout signal can be generated from any source of the indicator or even trend line signal. Another example of break out trading method is Bollinger Band break out or more simple Moving average breakout trades.

In this post, I'll talk about ATR break out or Average True Range method.

Average True Range measure how much price for the set of time. For example in the last 50 hours (50 candles of 1-Hour time frame) what is the "true range" of price that move.

What is true range?
Simple enough you will get the answer is less than 0.03 second.

Anyway, to put this method in to meachanical trading strategy can be profitable.

If you are forexfactory's member now you can access this thread.

In the trade explorer you will see good result profiting in green dollar very quick.
In my opinion it is really nice one.

Friday, October 23, 2015

HGI Trading strategy: GBPNZD Retracement is done now time to resume downtrend

HGI  Big Red Arrow indicates that GBPNZD is going to resume down trend
HI, I'm back again.

Today I HGI detect the signal of selling GBPNZD with big red sell signal arrow and price is down pass the white line to confirm the "moving south" direction.

I'm putting 0.05 lot size on this.
TP first is to hit last week low. If break I would look for re-entry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Start manual trading journal

Start manual trading journal

I know that myself has been on/off with this blog for a few years.
I came back as a loser fro EA development race to win FOREX war.

Anyway, i'm not going to give it up. Never.

I'll put the ea development off for a while now.

I'm going to start writing about manual trading on large timeframe.
Perhaps that could be the wise decision I ever make this year. As time already pass about 10 months already.

I know I like trading.
I like earning to be able to make my infrastructure for financial freedom.

I'm lucky that I don't have to make a payment for either house or cars. My family already has.

From this time on, I'm going to do cluster trading.
Chart EURUSD, D1, 2015.10.21 08:02 UTC, OneTrade, MetaTrader 4, Demo
NZD has been in rally for one months and it start to erode.
Chart EURUSD, D1, 2015.10.21 08:06 UTC, OneTrade, MetaTrader 4, Demo
try selling those pair on NZD

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Release working bot 'Feb10' Expert Adviser

Release working bot 'Feb10' Expert Adviser

Hi I am 'iamgotzaa' from forexfactory forum.

I am author and programmer for 'Feb10' automated forex trading robot.

I had release several version for the past 2 years.

This year I would like to release my newest version for this project. It's been quite long time since I have update this blog post.

However, there is something promising about this EA.

Two weeks old robot run time starting lot 0.1

Monday, May 11, 2015

Most Popular Forex Trading Strategy you should now right now 2015

Most Popular Forex Trading Strategy you should now right now 2015

Full Blown Cache of Materials / Most Concise / Up To Date, Found Here:
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Reality Realization and Trader Reactions in Regards to Market Forces (BRV) -
Trade Planning and Mental Maintenance (BRV) -
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Knowing if the Level will Hold/When to Fade, When Not to Fade (BRV) -
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Basic Approach Using Fundamentals and Sentiment to Determine Daily Market Direction (BRV) -
Fibonacci Extensions (BRV) -
Losing Trading FX (And a Simple Solution) -
About Diagonal Trendlines (BRV) -
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Intraday Scalping (BRV) -
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The Bottom of the Bucket -
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The Most Profitable Traders -

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to trade the forex news?

How to trade Forex News event?

Credit FXCM video on youtube (

What moves the currency market?

  • Economic development
    • Growth Rate
    • Private sector consumption
    • Unemployment
    • Inflation
  • Monetary and Fiscal policy
    • Interest rate decision
    • Central bank rhetoric
    • Economic forecast
    • Public finances

Trading the news

Check list for trading the news

  • Choose events that produces volatility
  • Track market expectations -- need to know what the traders are betting on and what is the expected number for the event
  • Focus on specific currency pair(s)
  • Identify medium and short term trend
  • Pick reasonable targets and stops


  • Choose pair that fits the trade
  • Relative price action (Trending or Range Bound Market)
  • Intraday Swings (Highs and Lows)
  • Is the news bullish or bearish
  • Wait for news/noise to feed through, wait for real reaction
  • Look for confirmation behind the initial reaction, wait is the key, patient
  • Is the event even trade-able (Risk vs. Reward)
  • Identify appropriate stop and target

Choose pair that fit the trade

  • Tends to have high liquidity
  • Best available spread
  • Not trading at extreme levels

Basic Strategy

  • Initiate trade with two lots
  • Place initial Stop for both lots, right after enter the trade
  • Set the target for first lot -- we want to be able to grab what we can
  • Open objective for second lot's target -- we want it is open to see and improvise for what the market is changing into
  • Move stop on second lot when first trade reaches mark, move the target to breakeven
  • Use discretion for second target


the Euro/Dollar is pare ahead of the release and holding range bound trading before the news. We got some noise smoke print down the and some push to the euro-dollar -- which is "bearish" dollar reaction. At this point don't do the trade yet. we still need to wait. The up arrow in the picture below is the last bar when news was released.

The we wait for the intraday bar to close. This is to confirm how the market play out. Spike retraced sharply down to 1.4205.
Advances to a High of 1.4272.
No trade had been placed at this point. The price does not seems to project a path for this candle, wide range doji.

Next bar confirm for a bearish in US dollar after the bar breaking out of the range and advancing to day High.